Opening and Enlightening

Experience multi-dimensional love

We are at a time in the evolution of consciousness where we have the ability to be much more than our brains can imagine is possible. If you are here reading this page, it’s because you know in your heart that there is a huge shift happening all through the planet and you feel the call of your higher self, of your soul, of your heart. It’s a time of a massive shift for humans, a shift out of a phase of living in a state of mental and ego control, into a state of living in the consciousness of allowing and creating from the heart and soul.

Living from your heart and soul brings the opportunity to live from your limitless, abundant and eternal self.

It’s a place where you can create a life that reflects this internalized abundance, safety, security and peace. Living from your eternal self allows you to feel an ever-increasing amount of joy. It’s not that you never get triggered but when you do, you can immediately come to a place where you make the choice to see yourself with a deep compassion and love. So, you then utilize that trigger as an opportunity to grow further into your heart, to open further,  and to expand your heart further. Enlightening your life more and more.

The reason so many are being called to open into their hearts is that the planet Earth has chosen the path of love. Each being, large or small, has free will and Earth has chosen to ascend, to enlighten, to return to greater love. With that choice, Earth is embracing and vibrating with increasingly higher frequencies and this calls us to shift with her.

This is a path where we open to our gifts, to our purpose and to our interconnectedness.

There is a great desire in each of us to lead with love and to support and contribute to the greater, interconnected whole in ways that bring us joy. This new world is not about independence. It is about going within your heart and understanding your own essential nature and living and creating powerfully from there. When you live connected to your essential self, you then create naturally for yourself in ways that contribute positively to the whole and a natural and healthy interdependence and community can emerge.

My calling is to help you to connect to your own multi-dimensional, eternal, enormous, loving and beautiful self. What it feels like to be connected to your true essential nature.

My desire is that you have an experience of your true, eternal, loving self and of the energy of that love. I want you to experience the frequency of that loving energy and know it as the truth of your being. From this place, it is then possible to be the creator of the life that you know deep-down you are meant to live.

I do this by bringing my awareness into my heart, settling into my deep experience of myself as an eternal, abundant, multi-dimensional being and a field of energy builds in my heart. This heart space opens and love energy emerges that catalyses the same field in others so that they can experience it and go there in themselves and experience a greater truth of their being.

I desire for you to experience the vastness of your own embodied state of eternal love.

I would love to assist you in knowing yourself as an abundant, powerful, loving, peaceful creator who can meet their needs in a graceful and effortless way from the limitless, eternal energy of your own true self.

If you want to learn more about what I do and connect and ask questions or to schedule a session. Please send me a message because I would love to get to know you more and find out what support you need. ♥
Multiple hearts

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