Hi, I’m Karen and my desire for you is to always know that you are loved and that you are love.

So many people learn to doubt themselves and stop trusting themselves because they get so many negative messages from the world around them, from society and sometimes even from their own family. If all you are surrounded with are negative messages about what you can’t do or who you are failing to be (prettier, wealthier, successful etc) than you start to believe the doubters and all their fear based messages.

Self doubt can lead to abandoning your inner core, your inner fire, and your self. You might start to self sabotage by eating junk food or other addictions, by not trying to go for your dreams, by staying in a job or relationship that doesn’t feel right for you in order to confirm that the doubters are right and you are unworthy of love.

I am here to tell you the truth and the truth is that they are wrong. Those messages of fear, no matter how real or correct they may seem, are wrong. No matter how much you confirm them by treating yourself like you are unworthy of love by eating too much, not taking care of your body’s needs, by staying in relationships and situations that aren’t healthy. No matter how many years you have spent trying to make their lies into your truth ~they are wrong.

There is only one core truth in the cosmos and that is everyone and everything is love and loved and that remains true no matter how much you have turned your back on it. So it’s time to turn around. Turn back towards your truth. Turning back towards the truth of who you are is something that is your choice alone because you have free will and are a trusted expression of cosmic love.

You must choose it yourself but you don’t need to do it alone. There is support for you at every turn. There is love and compassion and acceptance and light.

More and more people are waking up to their light, to their truth and they are sharing that with the world. Whether it be healthier food choices, videos on breathing and meditation techniques, a movement that celebrates body image positivity or the message of collaboration over competition in business…. There are new messages of love and support out there. There is support out there.

My desired is for you to have an experience of yourself as love! So that you can know that as your truth. To see the truth, that the cosmos and you are pure eternal love.

I desire for  you to be able to trust yourself, to make positive, love-aligned choices that strengthen your body, your vitality, your desire to thrive and build a life of your dreams.

I know that you can heal. I know that you can create. I know that you are powerful and loved. I desire for you to know that for yourself.

I know that when you are connected to your core and connected to source that you are able to create an amazing life and you are able to live vulnerably, with courage and feeling and joy from a place of love, compassion, acceptance and strength.

I desire for you to know that too. I work totally intuitively, co-operating with the highest call of your being, sessions will be different every time and can include energy work, spiritual guidance, guided meditation, and energetic and spiritual insights.

My gift, my purpose, what I feel such a deep fulfillment in sharing, is the ability to hold and radiate a field of love that catalyzes the same awareness of love in the hearts of others.

When I share my gift, my gift is opening a space of love and compassion so people feel their own inner joy and love. I work with energy and I work in a state of total allowance. To do this, I open my heart and drop into a deep, grounded state of love and I ask for whatever happens to be for the highest good of all. I then surrender and waves of love flow outward through my heart, energy body and hands.

I have been working one on one with people for close to twenty years. Through the years I opened to my intuition, learned to work with my higher selves, activated my inner knower. I have studied hypnotherapy, naturopathic medicine, reiki, shamanic healing, spiritual healing, coaching, NLP, EFT and intuitive energy healing. I have been called Peace, a name given to be by spirit when I spent ten days in solitude and ceremony on a hillside, doing what in Peru is known as a dieta. Dancing Mirror, which was a name dreamed for me by a Native American Elder Medicine Woman. And by the name of one of my higher selves, MA’ ei (pronounced May E) which means the kiss of eternal love. And by Karen, the name my mother loved for me which is a part of who I am as an eternal, loving, joyful and passionate being on this earth and who is so grateful to serve and expand in love.

At this stage of my growth, I feel eternal and happy with so many aspects of myself and I feel I am embodying that love within my body in a way that makes me feel joyful and joyful to serve. I truly appreciate the opportunity to connect and share and be of service. Thanks so much for reading and if you feel called to connect more deeply, I would love to hear from you. <3

Karen <3

If you feel called to connect, I am on Instagram and you can also visit my Facebook business page. ♥

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