“One session with Karen and things were manifesting like wildfire. Clarity was gained without resistance and momentum took over.

She offers a safe space to tap into your subconscious with her Quantum Hypnotherapy session.

I highly recommend working with her if you are looking for clarity and wanting to get over your blocks and get out of your own way.❤

Melissa Kelly

Founder of Roar, Fierce Feminine Rising Magazine & Podcast

“I had a healing session with Karen and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Ever since we met she has exuded pure love every time we communicate and I instantly feel calmer and more connected when I’m in her presence. She conducted the session via Skype and I felt comfortable enough to talk to her about my issues and what was affecting me. I felt disconnected and confused about my purpose. Karen connected to my energy and I felt deeply relaxed for about twenty minutes. She told me that she became aware of highly complex codes, and also gained insight that I am here to be a gridworker. As a result of the session I found out more about grid working which fitted in with the pull I’ve had recently to sacred sites. Karen is a true healer with a powerful connection to source.”
Debbie Stokoe

Writer & author of the book Awakened, Debbie Stokoe Writer

“Karen has helped me tremendously. I went through a big shift and it started with an energy healing session I had with her, which brought in a higher aspect, a more compassionate, loving aspect of my higher self. The purge that followed, frankly, sucked. But it was necessary. Healing isn’t all unicorn and rainbows. Then the shift came on Sunday. I woke up and I FELT it. There was something different, I felt like I had finally integrated this part of me.
Since this integration I have found it easier to not only show compassion to others but also to myself. It has brought in a whole new level of love into my being.
Karen is one of the easiest people to talk to that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She is completely devoid of judgement, always has loving and kind things to say, and really helps you dig to the root of the issue, utilizing her own life experience, wisdom she has gathered and the questions she asks.
Energy healing is something that is often difficult to explain, especially to someone who has never had any type of session done, however it is one of the most effective methods of healing I have found, and the fact that Karen combines not only the energy healing aspect, but also the follow through, the mentorship and talking things out afterwards truly makes her an amazing healer. I am so grateful to have her in my life, and on my team of healers I utilize.”

Carrie Leclerc

Reiki Practitioner & Owner, Inspired Alchemy 311

“It felt like a treat. After a few moments in session, I entered a relaxed state. The energy was beautiful. It felt loving and centering.”
Linda Finney-Carter

Shamanic Angelic Healing Practitioner, Linda Carter

“Karen is such a thoughtful and gifted healer.  She truly wants the best for her clients. In our session, Karen went deeply into my being to retrieve lost parts of myself so that I have felt more integrated and alive ever since. She is truly remarkable and I recommend her services to anyone. I’m grateful that she has come into my life and for the healing that I have received from her.  I would like to thank her so much for all that she has done for me.”
Kim Schlegel

Fierce Woman, Proud Mother & Spiritual Seeker

“The day after my session, I felt light and clean. I felt much more positive and I even received a referral for a new client that day. So things feel like they are shifting.”

Angela Lester

Portrait Photographer, Photography by Angela McConnell

“Karen, I wanted to share with you that I feel a shift after our healing session. My heart feels different…I feel more complete somehow, more comfortable in my skin, more confident and with a stronger sense of self-worth. ❤ ? ”
Kristina Ylva Osterman

Multiple hearts

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