I called my business Opening and Enlightening because no matter how we much light we have brought in, and how much we have raised our frequency up, there is always more light we can be and more light we can radiate. Enlightenment is not some end goal, some state of being which we reach and suddenly we grow no more. It is not a state of perfection. Enlightening is a state of being in that it is an ever expanding process where we embody increasingly more light and love. We get to experience more and more beauty, joy and love as we continuously enlighten ourselves.

Opening works the same way. I don’t think of opening like a doorway where the door is opened or closed. I think of opening as expansion. Opening is the expansion of your heart’s ability to love all the different aspects of your life and grow bigger and stronger. It is as if your heart is a house and as you open, more and more of your heart appears. Your heart grows from the size of a house into a glorious mansion filled with love.

We can always open and expand more to live from a greater abundance of light and love.

My purpose is to assist you in opening and enlightening into your own eternal, loving, abundant, creative state by holding a space of intention where I ask for the energy and insight to come through that is for your highest good and for the highest good of all. A pure, loving and conscious energy that carries the inherent, eternal structures of pure divine love within it opens up in my heart space, and creates the space for whatever transformation, remembering, activation, awakening and nourishing your soul calls forth in that moment.

The space is there for you, to support your being and open to what your soul calls for in service of your higher needs. So that you may fill yourself with the experience you need to ignite the transformation that will best serve your own process of enlightening into a life of greater peace, joy, abundance and limitless creative potential. So that you may use this new creative power to manifest the life you know you are meant to live, the life that allows you to express your amazing potential, gifts and capabilities and one that satisfies your soul.

CAD$125/session or 3 sessions for CAD$333

Sessions are by Zoom video conference or via phone and are around one hour long but may run up to an hour and a half if needed.

Sessions include energy work, spiritual guidance and any energetic and spiritual insights gathered when working together.

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